Bali is so popular, many of its charms that were first discovered by Western tourists decades ago are either no more or much harder to find. This is especially the case in most of the beachfront areas. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a Balinese beach vacation that is not mostly a carbon copy of a beach vacation in Mexico or Hawaii, you need to do some research on which areas remain relatively unspoiled. Also, if you can afford it, it is a good idea to try renting a villa in Bali rather than staying in a hotel.

In general, the most unspoiled area of Bali is the west, and the most overrun by tourists is the south. But even in the south you can find beach areas most tourists have not discovered. The best way to find beachside villas in Bali where the view is not of a crowded beach or a bunch of hotels is to search intelligently on the web. Intelligent searching requires patience and time, so start your planning early.

One key to good searching for a villa rental in Bali is to use search terms that include descriptive adjectives.  Another key for smart searching is to also look for customer reviews of anything you find that sounds promising. 

You, standing on a beach, feeling the grains of fine white sand between your bared toes as the warm glow of a perfect sunset tints your gown and throws a halo around you and your husband.

Or perhaps, dewy grass tickles your ankles as you take your vows against a backdrop of undulating hills and endless meadows stretching to a blue, cloudless sky.

These are the breathtaking images we imagine when thinking of Destination Weddings, but how to get there?

Many couples are daunted by the thought of organizing such an important event in an unfamiliar place like Bali where they may be hampered by language differences, and certainly lack of local knowledge.  Not too worry…  You don’t need to be burden with all that and the Wedding stresses, as we’ll assist you in extending our services, in making your Wedding a life time unforgettable moment and everyone’s memorable yet enjoyable gathering.

Many couples want to celebrate their wedding in a place that is special to them.  This could be the place where they first met, or where they had a particularly memorable trip.  The important thing is that it should mean something to you, and make the day special for you.

Think about you, and your spouse’s interests, and how the location suits your personalities.

But be wary if you have not visited the venue yourself, as images from brochures are always taken at the best angles and in flattering lighting.  Make sure to know what you are getting into, before booking a venue.

Bali is an option, as it has vast selections of private villas, that able to accommodate your special occasion.

A marriage is about two people but a wedding is about bringing together those you love and sharing your happiness with them.

Special venue, is the first step to making this important event, an unforgettable affair.  Vast range of villa selections are available at XO Bali Villas